We need a place to call our own! Or several places! I see Campfire being associated with a larger UU church, at least at first.

My ultimate hope is for a large piece of land with a meeting place, campfire ring, and several small cabins/yurts/tiny houses for people to stay in.  I am open to ideas about where we should begin. I live in San Diego currently, but will move for the right opportunity. 


I am a minister, an artist, and an entrepreneur.  I need collaborators, experts, peers.  Specifically, we need people who are good with management, accounting, and marketing.


This goes without saying, but we will need to have funding for staff, space, food, and everything else.  I hope to put together a Faithify campaign once we have a few people on board and more planned out.  I have a draft of a business plan but it needs a lot of help.  Ideas for funding, grants, scholarships, etc, would be amazing. 

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